Heroism Essay : The Definition Of A Hero

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The Definition of a Hero
A group of ordinary people once wrote “A hero understands when people want to know how things are, you understand that many of them don't want to know what your therapy life is affecting your family life, they want assurance that events will turn out for the best, that life will stay predictable.” Anyone can realize when someone needs help and understand that people may not want help, but most of the time those people still go ahead and help that person and even try to help their life for the better. Even when tough decisions or obstacles are thrown your way, heroism means putting others before yourself, knowing that there is no recognition that comes with helping and one still does it, and fighting for the better good of others.
A hero puts others before themselves. For example, a soldier in the army fights for us and for their country and puts us before themselves. A soldier sometimes fights so we can have freedom and peace. Also, another example would be police officers. Everyday police officers save lives and protect people and do not expect any gratitude in return. What a hero doesn’t do is save people because they feel bad or so they make people think they are a hero. You do not have to wear a cape to be a hero. Ordinary people that think about others can be considered a hero. One author stated, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” , (Joseph Campbell). This means that heroes are selfless and they
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