Heroism In Forrest Gump : Directed By Winston Groom

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“Life is like a box of chocolates,” Forrest said, “you never know what you’re gonna get.” Actually, if you’ve seen this movie multiple times, you know that Forrest’s mom said it first. This world renowned quote comes from the movie “Forrest Gump” written by Winston Groom and directed by Robert Zemeckis. This coming of age movie was released in 1994 and is perfect for all audiences. However, this movie isn’t your typical heroism, everybody wins, special applause type film. It perfectly portrays life and all of its ups and downs and what you make of them. There’s sprinkles of love, heartbreak, sadness, independence, drama, and even humor. Groom utilized all types of emotion in creating such a story while Zemeckis illustrated each and every…show more content…
Gump was sure to have Forrest included in all things that the “normal” kids were in. She also assured Forrest whenever his peers or the townspeople would call him ‘stupid’ or treat him lesser, she’d remind him, “stupid is as stupid does.” These events forces the audience to have a sense of pity for Forrest, as we only want the best for him. He continues his life doing what he knows best and eventually gets recruited to play football in college. Being born with strong legs and running from the bullies most of his life, Forrest had a special gift that didn’t go unnoticed. This again gives the audience hope as he is being granted special things for simply being the way he is. Groom and Zemeckis capture humor as well, keeping things light and airy for all of us as we sit back and enjoy Forrest’s life. For instance, when his football coach states during a game, “he might be one of the stupidest sons o’ bitches I ever seen, but he sure is fast.” While he may not the be the brightest in the bunch, Groom develops Forrest into a caring person. This irony is used to apprehend his complexities of his own simplicity. We then determine how difficult it must be for someone so simple-minded to be in such an unforgiving world. Groom and Zemeckis force sadness onto the audience when Forrest is drafted into the U.S. Army and gets deployed to Vietnam, forcefully separating him and his forever love, Jenny. All amidst this, Jenny had a tough life. Her father was an

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