Heroism in Beowolf and The Canterbury Tales

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Heroism Heroes are found in every work of art. Whether it is in the television shows we watch, the movies we go to see, the poems and stories we learn about, the books we read, there is always someone or something defined as the hero of that piece. Is the hero always the good guy who defeats the evil? Or is it something more, something more meaningful. Not every story line has a good vs. evil and not every story has a defined l hero, but does that mean there is not heroism in those works? Heroism isn’t a list of actions or characteristics that someone or something could have. It is the morals behind every action, the attitude that defines the characteristics of the person; it is the person thinking about others before himself, the…show more content…
He told the oldest women of the group, “my life’s to pay, that’s all too certain, if I cannot say what women covet most.” (927) He used the women out of dishonor and disrespect to get what he needed. As he and the old women go and tell the Queen the answer the old women gave him he was granted his life, but the old women begged him to marry her, and he replied “that was my promise, it must be confessed. For the love of God, choose a new request.” (928) Even after all the women had done for him, by giving him his life he is still not grateful anymore then he was when the queen granted him the favor. This story the Wife of Bath told was not about heroism, more so there is not a hero in every story and there is not always a good guy. Sometimes the main character is just as messed up as the villain would be. In addition to The Wife of Bath’s story, Art of Courtly love does not show heroism either. The art of Courtly love is a book on how Royals should act and behave when it comes to relationships and love. It should be all about doing the right thing and being the hero but it took a different take on love. In chapter 11 The Love of Peasants the Monarch who wrote this book states “If you should by some chance fall in love with a peasant women…puff her up with lots of praise… and then do not hesitate to take what you seek and embrace her by

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