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Heros Throughout time and literature hero’s have not changed physically but the people who are looked to as hero’s has. A hero is someone who goes above and beyond what is required to help someone in need. Hero’s come in many shapes and sizes, and carry many similar but different qualities. Hero’s are kind people who truly care for others without any alterrior motives. People who care and donate their time, energy, love, and kindness to others. Also a person who is brave, daring and courageous are considered hero’s. Most hero’s have alterrior motives. They look to things such as money popularity, repaying debt, fame or higher standard of living. Some people pretend to be a her for being a hero. They try to come off as a…show more content…
In his time Gilgamesh was a hero to everyone but himself. Gilgamesh is a man who is two-thirds god and on-third man. He was born endowed with great beauty and has the strength of a bull. He built a great rampart to protect his city. He spends the entire epic looking for a way to have everlasting life. To Uruk Gilgamesh was a great leader and a hero because he protected them from invaders. In his time Beowulf was a hero to the people of his own land as well as Herot. He was a man full of courage and honor. Without questioning it it he jumped at the chance to help out Hrothgar and Herot by slaying grendel. While doing this he remained honorable by repaying the debut of his father to Hrothgar. Beowulf was courageous because he went ot fight Grendel with out a sword. The fact that Beowulf decides to fight with out hius sword proves that he is strong brave and full of courage. In his time Beowulf was a hero, he stood up for the good of the people. He did however repay his father’s debuts to King Hrothgar of Herot, at the same time. Beowulf is still considered a hero in the minds of the people. Yes he was slightly obligated to help the people, but when he first left for Herot on his ship, no one forced him to. Also in the end Beowulf was paid in gold for the deed he did. The thing is though that Beowulf went into battle with Grendel before he ever know that he would be compensated in gold for his deeds. Also

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