Herpes Simplex 1 Symptoms & Natural Treatment

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There is a old misconception Herpes Simplex 1 only infects "above the belt" by manifesting as cold sores. Herpes Type 2 was previously considered "below the belt" and caused genital lesions. However, the medical profession has found oral-genital contact can spread either, so that types of herpes have become virtually insignificant.

Let's define herpes. It is very contagious. It is transmitted by bodily fluids. Proper hand washing precautions should be taken to keep the virus from a cold sore from spreading to the genitals. The first time herpes symptoms appear is called the primary occurrence and it worse than recurring outbreaks.

Symptoms generally occur within 4-7 days after contact. Initial symptoms are burning, chronic itch or tingling. In a couple of days, pimply sores pop up on reddish skin. Later, the pimples metamorphose into agonizing blisters.

When the blisters burst, they secrete blood and yellowish pus. Approximately a week after the first symptoms, scabs form, which signals healing has begun.

While it is rare, it is possible for Herpes to spread to the eyes. This requires the speedy attention of a medical professional.

A person can be infected and not know it. Symptoms may not show for some time following contact, yet the person can still be contagious. This is because viral shedding occurs during the tingling stage.

Of course, people who have active lesions shed the virus and are contagious.

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