Herpes Simplex Virus

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This baby’s mother had genital herpes and he soon died a few hours later with organ failure.

Herpes simplex viruses are categorized into two types. Herpes type 1 is known as oral herpes, which is the most common, and then there’s herpes type 2 which is genital herpes. Herpes type 1 may cause sores in or around the mouth and lips. Herpes type 2 causes sores in or around the genitals or rectum, usually below the waist.
HSV-2 is usually transmitted by sexual contact or by fluids from sore. It can also be spread through pregnancy. Neonatal HSV infections are acquired from maternal strains and 75-85% is caused by HSV-2. Genital herpes increases the transmission of HIV infection. It’s more common in low income areas but it still happens
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PCR finds the DNA of the HSV virus, and can also tell if it’s type 1 or 2.
Some complications are mother-infant transmission and neonatal HSV infection. In a newborn, herpes can cause organ failure, brain infection, and sometimes even death. If you may have genital herpes, do not have sexual contact until your test results are back. You can lower the chance of spreading the disease to your partner. A diagnosis of genital herpes can easily dismissed or delayed because in most cases there are no symptoms. Symptoms like headache, swollen lymph glands, fever, chills, and fatigue can mimic symptoms for other viral infections.
The time from exposure to genital herpes until the primary outbreak of infection is generally 2 to 14 days. Most people may not notice their first infection because of lack of symptoms. The entire body may become affected causing flu-like symptoms. Then blisters soon appear around genitals or anus. The blisters break within a few days causing painful and oozing sores. The sores usually heal within 3 weeks without treatment and usually don’t leave scars. The sores on women usually take longer to heal than men.
After the primary outbreak there’s usually a recurrent outbreak. Normally the recurrent outbreak sores heal faster and are way less painful. About half of the people who have genital herpes know the outbreaks are coming usually a couple days or a few hours before it happens. They may have

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