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The Rental Heart The Rental Heart is a short story which borders on real science fiction. It contains science fictions elements like hearts which do not have to be a part of your body. You can take it out and buy a new one to help you get to love the person you are currently with. Heartbeats can be attuned to help please the lover, too. And if you get your heart broken, it literally will be broken. Then you can go to a rental place and get a new one, to help you feel love again. The story is a frame story with two big flashbacks. At first Grace is presented as the girl the main character wants to fall in love with, with no risk of being hurt. On the way to the rental place the narrator looks back and recalls all the times it has been…show more content…
We are told that when the main character had rented hearts the same place for a long time, the sales assistant started greeting the narrator by name. Afterwards the narrator shifts to another rental place. The narrator does not want a personal relationship with the renter and this could be transferred to the people the main character falls in love with, too. Every time, the heart gets broken, it is replaced by a new one to avoid the pain and grief. But are those two things that bad? A message of this story is also that we have to experience real sorrow to experience the real love. The title “The Rental Heart” is very appropriate for the story as this is what it is all about. But it is also very appropriate that it says heart instead of hearts. I believe there is a reference to the last heart, the main character rents. This is essential. We are not certain that it is the main character’s heart, but this is the impression we get. The last heart is sort of paradoxical, while as it is on one hand a rented heart but on the other hand defect. If it is no ordinary original heart from a body, but also no functional mechanic heart, so what is it then? It is the heart, which taught the narrator to love truly again. Kirsty Logan is trying through this short story to prove how we cannot fight love even not with sci-ence and with this ending she leaves it open for the reader to analyze and interpret for itself. The ending matches the story well – we do
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