Hershey Bars Research Paper

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Whether she is your sister, your best friend, your college roommate, or simply the woman who works three cubicles down from you, you have somehow been pulled into hosting the bridal shower. Because she is someone you care about, you want the bridal shower to really be a chance to honor her. If one of the things you are worrying about is picking the perfect bridal shower party favor, consider these three reasons we might be the right pick for party favors. Unique The wrappers that go around the chocolate bars are not just a design that is slightly changed depending upon the bride. Instead, each wrapper is completely customizable. You can add pictures, messages, fun facts about the couple, and personalize the wrappers however you want. While there are several designs, you are not limited by the ones shown online. You can change the colors, make edits to the design, or even create your own design. Fun…show more content…
This opportunity for creative message is really an opportunity to have a little fun while possibly teasing the bride a little. Delicious Options The wrappers are not just created for one specific candy bar. Instead, there are options. Wrappers can be created for Hershey bars, for Belgian bars, and for miniatures. All three options are available with the chocolates included, but you can also simply order the Hershey or miniature wrappers if you already have the candy bars. These options allow you to create bridal shower favors to fit the bride’s chocolate preference. The wrappers only option is great when you already have the chocolates, if you are concerned about the bars melting during the shipping process, or if you are going to purchase different candy bars. With this option, make sure you buy candy bars that will fit properly into the wrappers. Contact us if these are the sort of party favors you want for a bridal
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