Hershey 's A Chocolate And Cocoa Products Company

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Hershey’s chocolate is one of the best chocolate candy that is favored by everyone. There was a lot of work that Milton S. Hershey had to do to accomplish his dream goal. The Hershey company is a chocolate and cocoa products company. Milton S. Hershey was raised in central Pennsylvania. He didn’t have a great education was nearly broke by the age of 30. But, Hershey did not only become one of the wealthiest people in America. He also is a successful business man where his products became popular worldwide. Milton Hershey’s great-grandparents constructed a homestead on 350 acres of prime Pennsylvania farmland. This was the place where Milton S. Hershey was born . Hershey was born on September 13, 1857. But, Hershey didn’t live there…show more content…
Milton Hershey didn’t get the quite the education because his family kept continuously moving during his childhood. During eight years of Milton Hershey’s life, he attended to seven different schools. One of the schools Milton Hershey attended was in Derry Township. The school was named Derry Church School. The Derry Church School was a one-room schoolhouse. This school was located next to Milton Hershey’s Mansion. It can still be seen today. Throughout all of Hershey’s life, Hershey knew that he didn’t get that much education. This is why Hershey wanted to provide as many opportunities for other people. He loved helping building schools for boys. In 1871, Milton Hershey left school and was assisted to a local printer who published a German-English newspaper. Milton didn’t like the job quite much and he ended the job immediately.As a teenager, Hershey was a candy maker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He then decided that he wanted to create his own business in Philadelphia. He worked very hard in this business for six whole years, but kept failing. Later, Hershey decided to move to Denver. Hershey’s mother came in and found a job with a confectioner. The confectioner’s name was Joseph Royer. Joseph Royer taught Hershey on to make caramel. Hershey who fourteen years old turned to have instinctive talent for candy-making. Then he learned the art and science of producing flavorful confections. Hershey began a new caramel business in New York City but he

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