Hershey's Way Of Making Chocolate

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Chocolate is one of the most popular products consumed in the United States and all around the world. Hershey Chocolate Company originated in 1894, by Milton Hershey (Hershey Company, 2015). He was the first American who began producing milk chocolate bars, and eventually created multiple flavors that changed the chocolate industry forever. With such mass production and success, Hershey was able to make milk chocolate, a once luxury item for the wealthy, into an affordable treat for all (Hershey Company, 2015). Hershey’s way of making chocolate is one of a kind. Hershey starts the chocolate making process by importing cocoa beans from cacao trees found in tropical regions near the equator. Cacao is ultimately the key ingredient to…show more content…
The milk is mixed with sugar into a taffy like consistency where it will then be blended with chocolate liquor. The milk adds the sweet taste and smooth texture while the chocolate liquor adds the chocolate flavor. By combining chocolate liquor, milk and sugar it creates a chocolate crumb where it is then ground into a fine powder to create chocolate paste. The chocolate paste is refined in the conching machine where it brings out more of the rich chocolate flavor. The final step to Hershey’s chocolate making process is sending the chocolate to the drying rack where it will be cooled, wrapped and distributed all around the world for consumption. For the S’mores taste test, four different types of Hershey chocolate were used to conduct the experiment. There are multiple differences between all four types of Hershey’s chocolates and ingredients used to make them. Milk Chocolate(remove comma)is Hershey’s signature chocolate and sold in the masses. This product goes in most Hershey products such as the chocolate bars, kisses, etc. Hershey’s milk chocolate is very smooth, and even has a little gritty texture. This chocolate is very sweet and not too chocolaty. Hershey’s milk chocolate contains milk, which gives it a creamy texture, sweet flavor and a light brown color. Hershey’s special dark chocolate is a lot different than milk chocolate is it is not the most popular flavor Hershey sells. Dark chocolate provides a semi-sweet, slightly bitter flavor
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