Hertz Employee Turnover Paper

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Solutions Staff turnover rates are influenced by how motivated employees are with their job. Low levels of motivation can stem high levels of employee turnovers. The operational definition of employee turnover is the ratio of voluntary leaves of of the organization over the total number of employees in a given period of time (, 2017 . Hertz was and is faced with rates that are considerably high for the business of the organization. This makes a huge concern for Hertz corporations. Most companies can reduce turnover rates by addressing overall issues that affect moral and motivation. By offering benefits, flexible schedules for family and work balance, performance reviews, incentives, paid holidays and sick days. The problem is that low levels of motivation in Hertz…show more content…
Over the years I have had managers say that I am losing best employees. The fact of the matter is employees do not leave their jobs, they leave their managers. The problem in most businesses over work their employees( Overworking employees has shown to be the opposite of productive. Employees who work 45-55 hours in a week tend to be drained and mentally exhausted. Overworking employees and not giving them a raise or even a promotion are the best ways to lead good employees out the door. After speaking with past workers of Hertz they all agreed that being overworked is the main cause of them leaving. That and false hope of getting promoted. Hertz cross train their incoming workers to make sure they are knowledgeable of the business and can operate a branch. Companies like this fail to realize that rewarding employees goes along way. Rewarding does not have to be the only way, public recognition goes a long way as well. Just even rewarding those employees who make sales or get get outstanding feedback from customer surveys. Even if the reward is a simple Thank You, this can prevent good employees from walking out the
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