Herzberg Two-Factor Theory Essay

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(2) Journal on Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory
The study, as reported in the journal, was using Herzberg’s Hygiene Factors and Motivators to examine (a) what motivates employees in the retail industry and (b) their levels of jobs satisfaction. Tan & Waheed (2011) stated that the survey was done by way of convenient sampling to select sales personnel from women’s clothing stores at Bandar Sunway shopping mall located at Selangor, Malaysia. One hundred and eighty selected sales personnel of heterogeneity were surveyed by a questionnaire written in English. The questionnaire included a series of statements and questions pertaining to determinants of job satisfaction. The survey candidates were requested to indicate their degree of agreement to each. According to the researchers, linear regression analysis was performed to test the relationship between Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory and job satisfaction and further analysis was done evaluating the relationship between money and job satisfaction.
The results obtained are found to be contradicting with Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory. The study revealed that the strongest motivation factor with the highest significance level on job satisfaction is the working conditions, which is a hygiene factor. The subsequent factors that motivate the sales personnel reported are recognition, company policies and
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A convenience sampling method was in used for candidate selections in US (Northwest Arkansas), Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rico, Belize, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador and Panama. The researchers explained that the survey measures several job characteristics, employees’ experienced psychological states, employees’ satisfaction with their jobs and work context, as well as the employees’ growth need strength. The Hypotheses developed by the researchers
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