Herzberg's Two Factor Theory

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Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory Melanie Bannister Abstract: This paper discusses the Herzberg theories of motivation also known as the two factor theory, or motivator-hygiene theory. Intending to discuss how the theory was developed, how reliable it is in the work place today, and if it plays a role in the motivation of people in the workforce. Introduction Frederick Herzberg developed his theory after Maslow’s theory of a need hierarchy. It seems parallel to Maslow’s in that Herzberg’s states that individuals strive to attain higher psychological needs. Individuals seek recognition, responsibility, and the nature of the work itself rather than take a safer more comfortable job that does nothing for their psyche. There is a difference…show more content…
The job dissatisfies are the extrinsic factors such as compensation, administrative restraints, and lack of promotion (AANP, 2009). When looking at the Herzberg’s two factor theory and applying them to the nursing home workplace there are many people that perceive the job as a paycheck, which is when there is high hygiene and low motivation, they are more extrinsically motivated than intrinsically motivated. I have been questioning my co-workers as to why they choose to be a certified nursing assistant; some say to help people while most say it is because of the higher rate of pay than most jobs in the area. Even some are in school to become nurses and so working as a CNA is one way for them to use the knowledge they are gaining on a daily basis. In the nursing home setting there are many workers that are only there for the paycheck. These can be spotted almost immediately because they lack the people skills to interact with the patients and they leave things undone that could be detrimental to the patient. Working in a facility that uses extrinsic motivation most does not build morale within employees. It has a high turnover rate, and unhappy employees. There needs to be improvements within the facility giving long term CNA’s the chance to become trainers for the new hires that come into the facility. This would give the long-term employees a feeling of responsibility and
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