Herzog Memorial Hospital Case Study

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Herzog Memorial Hospital Case Study Group Member: Arifa Akhter Nitol: 260532844 Daniela Campo: 260462469 ShiPeng Chen: 260526665 Zhenzhou Wu: 260496298 Zhenxuan Zhou: 260510679 Question 1 Pareto diagram of the positive comments for all ten categories Question 2 Pareto diagram of the negative comments for all ten categories Question 3 The patients’ comments support the score of HCAHPS. Out of 75 negative comments, 33 of them address the issue of noisiness while only 1 out of 17 positive comments support the statement that area around the room is quiet at night. Therefore, it is evident that the HCAHPS claim on why Herzog Memorial Hospital has low satisfaction is valid. Question 4 1. Facilities: includes all issues…show more content…
According to the comments, visitors and family had issues with the space, furniture, and comfort of the room. In addition, the visitors made loud noises making the roommate unable to rest comfortably. Although changing the size or spaces in the rooms is a long term process, it is possible to limit the amount of noises which visitors make. Moreover, patients are not satisfied with the discharge process as they are often not provided with enough information and ended up waiting longer. Question 7 In order to respond to the concerns mentioned above, Tinsley needs to take action in the near term, a period of 4 to 8 weeks. Considering that Jeri Tinsley is the director of medical, surgical, and intensive care services, he can take the following steps and see the realization of some immediate solutions to some of the crucial problems. Noises are one of the most prominent concerns that patients had. In order to solve this problem, Tinsley should make a regulation for employees to talk at a lower voice. In addition, in order to reduce the noise coming from moving wheels of stretchers, wheelchairs, and carts through the hallways; lubricants must be applied to the wheels regularly to keep them smooth and soundless. Since the buzzer system rings loudly in the hallway as well, a system can be implemented in order for them to ring only at the nurses’ desks so that other patients would not be bothered by the noise.

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