He's Just Not That Into You Analysis

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One of the most important people in life is family, friends, and romantic partners. These people are highly influential towards an individual’s personal goals in life. They shape the way we act and how we think, therefore who we associate ourselves with will affect the types of goal that we choose to follow. This idea is based on the study done by Fitzsimmons and Bargh, who claims the idea that people pursue certain goals based on the type of relationship. Two types of goals that Fitzsimons and Bargh focus their study on are academic and social goals. The two researchers tested their idea by having students participate in a questionnaire that asked participants to list four personal goals that they associated with their mother, romantic partner,…show more content…
Aside from marriage, Beth and Neil share common value and ideas as well as likes and dislikes. For this reason, this is why this is why Beth and Neil’s relationship has survived for 7 years. Neil has been the husband Beth has always wanted. To Neil, marriage is not an important element affecting his commitment to Beth. In anything, marriage is “just a piece of paper” to Neil. On the other hand, Beth and her family views marriage as the final and missing piece to solidify her relationship with Neil. For the past seven years, Beth has remained patient in this relationship with the expectation of someday marrying Neil. Although Neil constantly pledges his commitment to Beth, Neil refuses to marry Beth. Eventually, the couple break-up. Beth and Neil broke due to conflict of values in marriage due to the fact that both people had different perspectives towards marriage. Neil devalued marriage because his parents were divorced therefore Neil does not believe in marriage and believes that his relationship will survive if he stays faithful and committed to Beth. Beth over-valued marriage since everyone in her family was married except her. Marriage is a touchy subject for Beth because her father has managed to remarry three times to women who are the same age as her. Beth is scared of suffering the same fate that her parents did and thinks that
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