Hesi Community Health Practice Quiz Essay

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1. A home health nurse knows that a 70-year-old male client who is convalescing at home following a hip replacement, is at risk for developing decubitus ulcers. Which physical characteristic of aging contributes to such a risk? A) 16% increase in overall body fat. Feedback: INCORRECT B) Reduced melanin production. Feedback: INCORRECT C) Thinning of the skin with loss of elasticity. Feedback: CORRECT D) Calcium loss in the bones. Feedback: INCORRECT Feedback: CORRECT Thin, non-elastic skin (C) is an important factor in decubitus formation. Proportion of body fat to lean mass increases with age (A), and might help decrease ulcer tendency. (B) results in grey hair. (D) can contribute to broken bones, but it is…show more content…
Feedback: CORRECT B) Risk management data. Feedback: CORRECT C) Budgeting process information. Feedback: CORRECT D) Available workforce in the community. Feedback: INCORRECT E) Client-satisfaction surveys. Feedback: CORRECT F) Changes in the community's demographic data. Feedback: CORRECT Feedback: INCORRECT Census data (A), risk management data (B), budgeting process information (C), data obtained from client-satisfaction surveys (E), and changes in the community's demographic data (F) provide pertinent data for planning for the current and future healthcare needs of the community. Available workforce (D), although a concern, is not a factor in quality-assurance directives. Points Earned: 4.0/5.0 Correct Answer(s): A, B, C, E, F  6. The multidisciplinary home health care team is discussing a female client diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The home health care nurse reports the client is getting worse and her husband is no longer able to care for her in the home. Which action should the home health nurse implement first? A) Request a chaplain to counsel with the couple. Feedback: INCORRECT B) Assign a home health care aide to provide care daily. Feedback: CORRECT C) Talk to the husband about placing his wife in a nursing home. Feedback: INCORRECT D) Contact the client's children to discuss the situation. Feedback: INCORRECT Feedback:

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