Hester's Adulterous Behavior In The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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The Scarlet Letter: a well-known novel throughout the world. A wife waiting for her husband to come back home. A woman who commits adultery. A woman who, as a result of her adultery, gives birth to a child. This woman, known as Hester Prynne, pays the price and must wear an embroidered scarlet letter ‘A’ on her bosom for life. The consequence Hester must pay haunts her for life. In the beginning of the novel it becomes clear to readers the reason the novel acquired the title The Scarlet Letter. All of the events that take place throughout the entirety of the novel are a result of Hester’s adulterous behavior. If Hester’s adulterous behaviors were nonexistent, Pearl would not have been born and Arthur Dimmesdale would not suffer or feel guilty
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