Heteronormativity At The Videogame Industry

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Heteronormativity in the Videogame Industry Over the years, the entertainment industry has emerged in many different mediums, ranging from new genres of music and television shows to the very creation of the internet. The newest form of electronic entertainment that has evolved is the videogame industry, truly growing in popularity around the 1970s with the creation of the game Pong. Though originally very popular with young boys and seen as being childish to play (a view adults still had when I was a video game playing child), video games have since become an enjoyable form of amusement for people of a diverse range of ages, and for males and females. However, in spite of the fact that the videogame industry is now much more open to women and there are many female gamers, the heteronormative culture of the industry continues to be discouraging to females hoping to create a name in the field. When discussing a discourse often overlooked by feminist critics and advocates such as the heteronormativity of the video game industry, it is first important to examine what exactly proves that the industry is controlled by hegemonic masculinity. Being that I was an avid gamer as a child and adolescent, and my enjoyment of videogames has continued into adulthood, I have witnessed firsthand just how games are specifically marketed towards young men. Male protagonists are often hyper-masculine and violent, and while female protagonists can also be incredibly violent killing machines with

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