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Heuristic Analysis


The RIT campus has a very diverse community that consists of hearing and deaf

people. Although RIT offers many sign language classes and provides interpreters across

campus, communication outside of class is still difficult. The problem we are trying to

overcome is the communication between hearing and deaf people in real-time and in

person without third-party assistance. Our solution would break down the communication

barriers. Using the best attributes of current communication products and new

technology, we are able to envision a product that would bring forth this new era of


     The products we analyzed were AOL Instant
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AIM does this pretty well by using languages and concepts that more people are familiar with. AIM uses simple English that most people can comprehend. The icons used in AIM represent everyday things in most people’s lives. When a screenname on your buddy list has an away message, a picture of a note is displayed next to the screenname, signifying that this person has a note (away message) up. Another example is the picture of a cell phone, when a user is on a mobile device; a picture of a cell phone is displayed next to the screenname. Menu choices also fit logically into categories that have readily understood meanings.

•     User control and freedom

The user needs to be free to select and sequence tasks to their liking. The system should not interfere with the user’s selection process. Users should also be able to leave an unwanted state when desired and be able to undo and redo tasks. AIM partially allows for user control and freedom. A user can customize their buddy list, sounds, buddy icon, profile, privacy settings and so on. Since AIM is a chatting program, at times there are multiple conversations going on at once with different people so multiple windows are open, AIM makes managing this an easy task by using “tabbed” windows (user’s choice). A problem with AIM is once you send someone a message, you

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