Hewlett Packard

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HEWLETT PACKARD Case Study Analysis: Briefly identify Hewlett-Packard's ‘strategic agenda’, i.e. what are the fundamental questions and problems that concern organizations and their successful development” (, 2002,). Overview of the Company Hewlett Packard is the world's leading producer of test and measurement instruments and the world's third largest computer company. It has become a major player in the personal computer market, and at in a 1999 survey was the sixth biggest in terms of market share, having moved up from fourteenth largest in 1992. It is also the second largest player in the computer workstations market, and holds the dominant position in the laser printer business. The company was the only major…show more content…
These are not hollow pronouncements. They're deeply felt business objectives that cascade down through the organization. Each business unit translates the into terms that reflect its own mission. The second strength of Hewlett-Packard’s strategic planning is that it's decentralized. Hewlett-Packard has nearly 112,000 employees in 110 nations. Their marketing reaches even more places. Hewlett Packard sells over 87,000 products and services in 250 countries. No central office could manage detailed projections for all these far-flung units, thus the need for decentralization. The results of this decentralized approach have been impressive. Their product divisions are fully functioning global businesses with their own research and development, marketing, administration, sales and support. They form the nucleus of Hewlett-Packard, and are the primary drivers of its growth and profitability. So Hewlett Packard’s planning is multi-business. The third strength of Hewlett Packard’s strategic planning process is that it emphasizes innovation. This commitment shapes all the company’s plans and their devotion to research and development. And it's been one of the keys to the company’s success in the rapidly changing world of high technology. The next and fourth strength of Hewlett Packard’s planning process is that it is responsive to the needs and expectations of their customers.
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