Hexadecimal Company

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The Hexadecimal Company Case Analysis pg, 167

I. Problems A. Macro The Hexadecimal Company in recent years was forced to change their product market due to lower labor costs by companies in competition. With this change of product came rapid growth and systemic problems within the company. The President, John, Zoltan, decided to created an Organizational Development (OD) group to help address change and managerial style within the company. However, this OD group was not accepted well within the organization and many felt as though this group was a waste of time, energy and resources. Employees did not want to participate in the training although forced to attend. In the beginning of the group’s development, the
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There was true evidence that the OD group was truly diverse in individuality and openness simply characterized by the groups dress habits. Perhaps these traits would have been more easily disguisable if the group was forced to a dress code while at work. Displaying ones attire could show an impression of laziness, sloppiness, or not caring about what the is there to achieve, perhaps the division of the groups beliefs stems from this complacent dress code leading the group to misunderstandings.

II. Causes 1. The Hexadecimal Company.
Company culture is not one to implement changes in such fast pace
Zoltan 's seems to show favoritism towards members of the OD group. The decision to place the OD program under the human resources department

III. Systems affected The sociotechnical system and managerial subsystem are affected due to the changes occurring within the company. An example of these changes is the hiring of all the individuals within the new OD group. The technical subsystem has been affected by the recent introduction of new products within the company due to competitive companies. The structural subsystem has been affected since the OD group started training company employees on management styles. The psychosocial subsystem was affected when the employees had dislike towards the OD group and the training that had been developed. Also, the OD group
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