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H.G. Wells

H.G. Wells, the Father of science fiction, was a liberal thinker who set the literary world ablaze with his sheer creativity. He gave form to many of the ideas of the future, and a chaotic family life shaped him. H.G. Wells was a man of many influences, who impacted the people of his time, and left a legacy that remains today. He grew up to be the enigmatic man he was because of his family. H.G. Wells grew up in the lower middle class under constant threat of poverty (,). His father owned a hardware store, but more money came in from his cricket playing. Incidentally, his mother appeared to do all work in his family. He had two older brothers. Marriage came with its own influences He married his cousin Isabel Mary Wells with whom
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Surprisingly, his first published book was a Textbook of Biology. His first novel, The Time Machine, was met with immediate success. The Wonderful Visit, The Island of Doctor Moreau, and The War of the Worlds quickly followed it. Wells also wrote numerous essays and articles at the time. Unfortunately, he did not stick with science fiction, instead choosing to write comic novels of the lower middle class. Not only did he write about the future; he also made several correct predictions. H.G. Wells is sometimes known as the father of futurism ( He managed to predict World War II ( He also predicted the tank, military aircraft, and the atomic bomb ( The modern idea of a Martian comes from The War of the Worlds. H.G. Wells was a man who pushed the limits of imagination. From a poorly educated boy to one of the greatest authors of all time truly is a truly astounding change. Influenced by his surroundings, he created worlds unto himself. He truly shaped the ideas the future and left those who knew him in awe.
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