Essay Hg Wells: the Shape of Things to Come

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There is only one word that comes to mind when asked to describe H.G. Well’s version of the future in, The Shape of Things to come, and that is, in simplest form, Utopia. Well’s describes a world in which all it’s people are completely unified on every level of existence. The natural instinct humans feel in our present day to achieve money, power, and status does exist in this Well’s future. The people of 2106 are a universally educated population whose main focus and purpose is taking care of one another, the planet, and their continued development as a human race. However, the steps taken to achieve this type of world, was not an easy one. Well's explains the beginning of this process as he speaks of a time when representatives from…show more content…
The feeling of stress has been eliminated from this society because they are entertained by their work. They enjoy being able to help others by using their skills as they appreciate what others can do for them. This society Well’s speaks of, is on all levels nearly perfect. If H.G. Well’s asked me to come and live in this future, I would without a doubt take him up on his offer. This place he speaks of seems so peaceful, almost like a paradise realized. However, the time that came right before this future, before the ‘Declaration Of Megeve’ is one I would most definitely pass up. I could not imagine being denied certain desires or being kept so busy with my work that I was unable to spend some time thinking or dreaming. Yet, as I reflect on what I have read and learned from Well’s and Raven about this future, a song keeps playing in the back of my mind. The song is “Imagine” written by John Lennon during a time our world was in turmoil. It seems this song perfectly explains this future. In this future, there is no religion so there is no belief of heaven or hell. There are no countries to defend, so there are no wars to fight. There are no material possessions that can’t be acquired by everyone, so there is no need for greed. All that exists is a brotherhood of all man-kind, the world is as one. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to join
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