Hh Holmes

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H. H. Holmes A. Introduction: On May 16, 1861 Herman Webster Mudgett was born. His home town was Gilmanton, New Hampshire and he soon would become the notorious Dr. H.H. Holmes, Americas’ first Serial Killer. He was a small white male born into a devout Methodist family. Holmes’ mother Theodate Page Price forced strict religious studies while his father, Levi Horton Mudgett handed out the harsh, strong discipline. Holmes had one brother and sister. B. Intelligence, Social achievement, social adjustment in school: Holmes was thought to be unusually intelligent at an early age. With his great ambition and drive he excelled in school. He attended Gilmanton Acade3my High School, University of Vermont for one year, and in 1882…show more content…
He was very charming and very attractive so he had no problems with he ladies. He always wore a hat and tie and came across as a well like, trusted businessman. I. Pathological behavior characteristics: H.H. Holmes’ pathological problems started at the age of eight with him starting to lie. His lies and scams grew along with his age and by the age of 25 he changed his name to H.H. Holmes to elude accusations from those he lied to and scammed. He continued to con and manipulate using his trusting looks and medical degree swindling thousands of dollars from insurance companies by taking cadavers from medical school, taking insurance policies out on them and telling the insurance that he was a family member to collect the money. Holmes was such a pathological liar and has given so many accounts about the number of people he has killed that to this day the true number is unknown. He always needed stimulation and a proneness to boredom, and was conning and very manipulative. He had numerous wives and had promiscuous sexual behavior by having several mistresses. J. Geographic Profiling: Holmes was considered to be a geographically transient serial killer. He moved from state to state killing in almost each one. He would move through the states because this was his way to elude capture or being suspected of the crimes he committed. After he changed his name in 1886 he settled
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