Hhgregg Investing Report

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Daniel McClain November 13, 2009 BADM 190W – Analysis of Business Issues Hhgregg, Incorporated EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hhgregg, Inc. is an electronics store company that is worthy of investing in for a multitude of reasons. The history of hhgregg indicates that they place a strong emphasis on customer service, which is why they are so successful. Hhgregg also has many important initiatives for the future, such as redesigning all of their stores, continuously retraining employees on customer responsiveness, and implementing a stringent corporate governance program. These valued-added initiatives will help hhgregg grow in the years to come. Their biggest competition is with Best Buy, who owns the biggest share of the electronic store…show more content…
I developed my recommendation based on a variety of components. Hhgregg is offering some revolutionary initiatives that will help the company grow, as well as expanding their brand to help them build and gain a larger portion of the market. Also, after looking at two key financial ratios and comparing them to the industry average, I have determined hhgregg is in a solid financial position and has a high return on investment to its shareholders. Overall, hhgregg is an excellent company to invest in based on projected future earnings OVERVIEW History of hhgregg Hhgregg, Inc., was founded in 1955 as a small appliance store originally called H. H. and Fansy Gregg. When founded, hhgregg stores offered washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerators, and outdoor grills (hhgregg). What differentiated their stores back in 1955 was that they offered personal, caring customer service and a low price. Hhgregg Today Over the years, hhgregg, Inc. has maintained that core business philosophy of providing personal customer service and offering low prices. Gregg Appliances still offers appliances at their stores, but has added different products as well, including televisions, computers, and audio devices. Selling such a variety of electronics is beneficial to hhgregg because they are an electronics store in the service industry. By offering many products to choose from, hhgregg attracts a mixture of customers.

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