Hhs 201 Discussions Essay

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Week 1 Discussion 1
Barriers to Helping and Receiving
Internal barriers are emotions and attributes that keep people from seeking help. Internal barriers are dealt with in the worker-client counseling relationship. The difficulty of evaluating the seriousness of a problem is explained on page 15 of our text “An Introduction to Human Services”. Some of these are that one will sit and wonder if they really need help, or if their child has a learning disability or just a slow learner, or are they really depressed or are their child hyperactive or just have a high energy level.
The fear of being judged, labeled, or punished is also an internal barrier. One will wonder if their child will be labeled retarded if tested for a learning
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People may have different reasons for the same problem as others such as alcohol. They may come from an alcoholic family, have ADHD or anxiety disorders. They may have had a loved one who passed, be a social drinker, loose a job, or in a diminished capacity. Similar experiences may be reacted to in different ways. Our text uses the example of the Nazi concentration camps and how people reacted differently to the same situation.

Reid Mandell, B. & Schram, B. (2012). An Introduction to Human Services. Pearson Publication, Inc.

Week 2 Discussion 1
Ethical conflicts

The ethics of helping is a commitment to help others and not be in competition with the dog eat dog world. The value conflicts are the disagreements brought on by the differences in values and the value dilemmas are situations where the competing value makes it impossible to choose correctly. In the case example “Falsely Accused, A mother fights back”, Brenda Frank was accused of not only neglecting her 2 daughters but sexual abuse as well. Mrs. Frank was on welfare and separated from her husband. Mrs. Frank’s belief that children wean themselves from breast feeding, called the La Leche Philosophy, is part of what started the whole mess. That and the fact that since she was a single mother she let her daughters sleep with her. The Department of Social Services found her guilty of the neglect to guide her children in
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