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The heart and soul of all cultures is the food and Hawaiian food is a fusion of many cultures. The islands of Hawaii have been open to different cultures for hundreds of years. What do you see when you think of Hawaiian food? If you 're like me, (born and raised on the (“mainland”) I think of fresh fruits (mostly pineapple), seafood (Hawaii is, after all, in the middle of the Pacific ocean), and exotic luau dishes like steamed taro leaves and roast pig. In reality, Hawaii 's cuisine is both much more and much less than what the stereotypical image beholds. The bananas and pineapples are abound, in addition to avocados (which grow in most backyards), passion fruit, guavas, and a host of other exotic fruits that are beyond many an…show more content…
Hawaiian food isn’t all about the salty and the meaty. Hawaii has a sweet side, introducing shave ice, shave ice is the straight forward sunny day treat. Shave ice is shaved ice topped with flavored syrup. Many flavor variety for the shave ice but there is only one shop on the entire island that makes the one of a kind shave ice and that is Matsumoto’s. Matsumoto’s is a shop up in North Shore that serves the bomb shave ice. You could put condensed milk icing on top “snow capped”, and or ice cream on the bottom I think Shave Ice makes the perfect dessert. The ancient Hawaiians were fit. The traditional Hawaiian diet may have been "one of the best in the world". It was a simple, high starch, high fiber, low saturated fat, low sodium and low cholesterol diet. It had 12 percent protein, 18 percent fat and 70 percent carbohydrates. By comparison, the typical American diet today has 15 percent protein, 40 percent fat and 45 percent carbohydrates. (Source: Noted Hawaiian Scholar, Dr. George Kanahele, Pookela Hawaiian Culture Course.) Now most modern Hawaiians don’t follow a healthy lifestyle and, as a consequence, they don’t have a long life span. Among Hawaii 's racial groups, Hawaiians have the highest rates of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, accidents and suicides. Efforts are underway to reverse this trend. Some ancient methods seem to cure a couple of these

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