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Fabian Mora
Ms. Welch
English Honors 1
March 20 2012
The Merchant of Venice Act III, i 1.) Salerio and Solanio are designed to reflect Venetian society at large because they show what is happening to inform the audience. They are also very nosey and hate Jews like the entire Venetians do. 2.) It is such a crisis for Shylock that his daughter converted and married a Christian because when Jessica left she stole a lot of his precious jewels and money. Tubal claims that she is spending it and it hurts him because he does not want to lose money. 3.) Shylock channels his grief over Jessica’s leaving into anger over Antonio because Antonio has a debt with Shylock that he has yet finished to pay off. 4.) Salerio and Solanio’s
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2.) Solanio thinks that the duke will forgive the forfeiture because Shylock is a Jew. Antonio does not because he believes that a deal is a deal and if he breaks one then many of the other deals that are made amongst others would be broken as well. 3.) In Venetian power is the key to success and along with power comes money and fame which are both needed to gain respect in any city. Shylock would be the best man for this if he was not a Jew. Act III, iv 1.) Portia considered helping Antonio because Bassanio is best friends with him and they are very much alike. She believes that they have the same soul and she too has the same soul as Bassanio. 2.) Portia tells Lorenzo that she and Nerissa will go to a monastery and pray for her husband and that she wants Lorenzo and Jessica to take care of their home while they are gone. Their actually plan is to go to Venice and meet their husbands disguised as men. 3.) Portia’s opinion of men is that they lie immensely to get for other men to like them. She believes that they should dress up with swords and should walk with a big stride. 4.) Portia has a long sword and is going to walk with big steps also speaking like a teenage boy. 5.) Jessica’s cross-dressing was also meant to see her love just like Portia and Nerissa’s. Each purpose serves so they are not caught

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