Hi Im Johannes Brahms: Composer Of The Romantic Era

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Hi im Johannes Brahms. I was a composer in the Romantic era. I was born on may 7th 1833. I died april 3, 1897. I grew up in Vienna, Austria. I was a german composer. I played the double bass, the flute, the violin, and the horn. My father taught me to play these spiffy instruments. I got married to a skilled seamstress, who was 17 years older than my own father. I died at the age of 63.
When I was six years old i created my own method of writing music in order to get the melodies i created on paper. At the age of seven i began studying piano under Otto Cossel. I played a private concert at the age of ten to get money for my future education. When i was ten years old i began piano lessons with Eduard Marxsen. I turned out to be an amazing
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