Hi Lashon A Case Study

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Hi Lashona,

You stated that you have a perofrmance apprasal annually and have a semi-annual midterm counseling session, I think that is terrific. I think your company has a very well thought out process. I love the six areas you mentioned of Professional Expertise, Equal Opportunity, Character, Teamwork, Mission Accomplishment and Leadership. I especially like the character and mission ones. Ours doesn't have that, but that is great as long as it is done correctly. I am sure the midterm feedback is very helpful to many for their jobs. I think it is vital also for the company as well so that they can build the best employees possible for their mission.

You mentioned there ccould be problems encountered with this system is that it is subjective and can be swayed by how much or how little your supervisor likes you. I think you are correct in that thougth process. It is very subjective and someone evaluating you should know about you and your position. I read an article on the National University library and here is what it had to say about approaisals. It was for a first time appraisal, but this can be for all as well.
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It provides employers a timely means of evaluating the decision to hire. lt also starts an employee's performance record and tends to influence subsequent appraisals disproportionately. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the first appraisal be valid. Recommendations for improving the performance appraisal process for new employees include: starting the appraisal dialogue early, giving detailed feedback on job performance, and having a short-term follow-up on career development. Slater
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