Hi Morty: A Short Story

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Morty sat on his bed in almost complete darkness, the only source of light came from his dim laptop screen. He rubbed his tired eyes and sighed, “How big is that file?” He hovered his mouse over a folder on his desktop, “One gigabyte?” he tiredly exclaimed, “That’s one million bytes, that’s almost big enough for them to notice.” Morty shook his head, “Z said it would be ok, I just have to trust her.” Morty double clicked on the file. Morty was immediately greeted with a popup message that read ‘Password?’ Morty clicked on the ‘yes’ button and typed in a password. The password was accepted and a new message popped up, ‘Hi Morty.” It said. “Now time for phase two.” Morty muttered, opening a Wi-Fi calling program. He clicked on a contact labeled
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