Hi Sami: Writing Techniques In My Writing

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Hi Sami, I read your paper and saw some of a younger me in your writting technique. I noticed your attempt to combine random sentences hoping and wishing for the best. I advanced my writing techniques by practicing writing for fun. I will explain to you the main rules of writing which include paragraphs, transitions, and transitional phrases. Writing is essential and can be easily done with continuous practicing. Working on organization is key to your progression as a writer. I also improved my writing by having others read over it and I would get their opinion. A reader should be able to understand your paper on the first or second reading. Being crystal clear and organizing paragraphs will help the reader to a easy reading experience.
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Transition are essential because they tie two paragraphs together, summarizing the last one and introducing the new one. Transitions are required to connect and conjoin between paragraphs to give the main idea of the paper. Transitions help the reader understand your viewpoint. Transitions are like batteries in a machine, without the batteries it would be difficult to turn the machine on. A paper without transitions has a sense of missing information and non configuration. Transitional phrases (or words) are esential because they create the transitions. The reason behind transitional words being so important is without them transitions would not occur. They are considered as the main tool. Transitional phrases are like a screw in a box of tools, you couldn't hang an item without using a little screw although you have a big box of tools, nothing else works. Some examples of transitional phrases are: between, above, under,…show more content…
Putting your main ideas into paragraphs is necessary to digest the text. Organizing your paragraphs and sentences is key to writing a well written paper. Just remember to be clear with your papers while giving solid examples along the way. Transitions between paragraphs are needed to change subject fluidly. Transitional words are also essential to writting an exceptional paper. Think of paragraphs, transitions, and transitional devices as a sports game, the field are the paragraphs, the players are the transitions that lie on the field and the ball is the transitional device that ties them together. With this advice and some practice you should become a great
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