Hid Case Study

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Case Study
H. I. D.

1. The causes of the confusion confronting Keith Houck is faced with conflicts which causes the confusion to him.are the following, First, the company’s mission statement does not say anything big about long term goal. Indeed, it has a mission statement but the odd thing was the managers whom he talked with still seems don’t know where they are going to, The company’s goal is just to provide extra-ordinary service to customers that will satisfy their profit, quality and growth goals. The President’s ambitious vision of having 27 hotels in the next five years and 50 hotels in next 10 years is in contrast with a lesser figures given by its managers. not favored by other managersExpectedly, this ambitious goal was
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If I were Bill, I will have an annual or semi-annual review of the company mission. On this review, vision and goals will be revised as necessary. Goals will be monitored and achievements shall be considered in order to evaluate current performance.. Other action plans (building scenario and crisis planning) will be generated should also be considered to ensure from the failure of attaining the set goals are within reach Another, please take into consideration that planning should start and stop at the top. Top Managers must show support and commitment in the planning. They must be able to accept responsibility when planning and goal setting rather than blame its subordinates. . In this way, the situation Keith is now facing will never happen.


H. I. D. has a poor planning. Actually, the management has a difficulty in setting their goals. Conflicts arise from different views. The President does not take a lead to emphasize on its members what his visions are. Also, it is not clear where they want to head into.

To solve the problem, guiding information must be presented to management. Bill, as President, should discuss the company’s vision. Strategic goals will be then made based on company’s vision. Section managers will develop plans to meet these goals. Managers must be cooperative in doing the planning. Corporate concerns must be raised. Above all, the company’s vision should be the guiding rule for the activity.

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