Hidden Assumptions

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"Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won't come in." Isaac Asiman describes an assumption in a visual way. When people make an assumption, their view of the world becomes dimmer and darker. The window will get more tainted and the outside world won’t be as clear as it used to be. Their windows will be completely dark until all they can see is their reflections staring back at them with wondering eyes. The individual has been so sure of themselves that they didn't realize the world was slipping away into a dimming light. Now, all they are left with is darkness. Everyone has been pushed away by that individual's vision of how things are ought to be. It’s until that they see their own reflection do they see that the world has closed off. For the light to reappear in their life again, the person will have to see the other side and get in touch with the reality of the world. Once the…show more content…
Whenever someone makes an assumption, they will look for clues that will back up their assumption. This happens a lot when someone is trying to figure out if two people are dating or not. If someone assumes that the two are dating, they will keep their assumption hidden until they have all the facts. One reason why assumptions stay hidden from us is that they are so deeply ingrained; the assumptions may appear when we come across a certain person or group that’ll remind us of the assumption. People can also make assumptions about different cultures. While we may have a culture a certain way, another country may have there’s a completely different way. Whenever we travel to another country, we will need to bring the different assumptions to light that way we can learn about their culture with an open
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