Hidden Bacteria

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The Bacteria that Lives Where You Least Expect
By: Michael Navarro
BIOL: 302

Introduction: There is many things that you least expect when you go to the doctor or the hospital, one of those things is contracting a bacteria in an area that you believe is to be the cleanest. This bacteria can live on the surface of many places in a hospital for many days and can be contracted by someone who has a weakened immune system or open wound. This is called Acinetobacter baumannii.
Background: Acinetobacter baumannii is a gram negative bacillus that is highly resistant to most medications that are used to treat the bacteria. The bacterium forms a light film over the pathogen to protect it from the antibiotics. There is a mechanism that allows
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For a healthy person this pathogen doesn’t pose such and big risk but also a healthy person can pass it off to a person with a low immune system just by skin to skin contact depending on the condition of the patient when they come into contact with the provider. (Acinetobacterin Healthcare Settings, 2010) This can cause a bigger risk if the provider isn’t careful about what they are doing while treating a patient with open wounds or weakened immune systems. In rare cases it is thought to be spread in foods in ICU’s and nursing hospitals. It hasn’t been officially proven yet as they are conducting studies to verify but if this is a path the bacteria takes that means that it now has direct access to the patients’ organs where it can settle and mutate.
Article summary: The testing conducted on the Acinetobacter baumannii bacteria haven’t gone very far in hopes of trying to find a vaccine to prevent the bacteria from spreading but it has opened up the science world in its own way. We have been able to see how the bacterium mutates to create its own barrier against antibiotics. Also with that they have been able to find a way to help keep the bacteria from creating that film that protects itself by keeping it from producing as many glycoproteins which is the source that helps form the protective film. By weakening the production of glycoproteins its allows the film to be weakened so that antibiotics may help to
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