Hidden Characteristics : Hidden Heroism

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“Hidden Heroes” It is very easy to depict the wrong version of a hero: Someone standing in a cape, with a mask, and a secret identity. However, real heroes are the people who may not stand out, but rather blend in. A true hero is sometimes hidden, but in plain view at the same time. Heroism is doing something for not just yourself, but everyone else. A hero is much more than just the outfit that they wear. Although at times heroes are imperfect, they are still an inspiration, and are selfless through all of the challenges that they overcome. A hero can be inspirational to anyone, whether they are famous, or hidden in history. Many heroes can be found fighting for America. These men and women put their lives on the line every day to protect their country. Many times, the safety of these heroes is in danger, causing injury. While fighting for his country, one man loses his arm and gains a new perspective on life, “... he set himself to do everything with twice as much enthusiasm”(Cassian 65). This man has inspired many people not to give up, and keep moving forward. Additionally, he “grows a wing” where the arm is gone, showing that he lifted himself over his problem. Similar to this inspirational man, is Frederick Douglas. Douglas was a slave, who escaped from the pain that he had to endure daily. He inspired many other slaves around him to attempt at a better life. Not only does Douglas escape, but he does not take credit for his own freedom. Instead, he
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