Hidden Childhood

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On May 1940, German forced invaded France; by June 14th German troops successfully marched into Paris. The French government did not give into exile but rather signed an armistice agreement that allowed Germans to divide France into two parts: occupied zones and unoccupied zones. The French government was located in Vichy, France; leaders were subordinate to the German’s rule. Between September 1940 and June 1942, the German occupation of France caused the Vichy Government to pass many Anti- Jewish laws: including expanding the category of who is a Jew, forbidding free negotiation of Jewish-owned capital, confiscating radios in Jewish possession, executing and deporting Jewish members of the resistance movement, establishing a curfew, …show more content…
It was hard reading the book and placing her recollections in a timeline of German occupation of France. In using this book as secondary resources for historical context of France during occupation, it lacks relevant information. Frida gives a slight acknowledgment to the air raid during war time when reminiscing about her mother, Frida states:
“Frida recollects a time in Lorris when her mother and her were in hiding and she witnessed a real-air raid, The floor and walls were shaking from all the loud noise. The glass in the windows and the tiles fell down. I thought the bombs were falling on us....we were going to die!”
Air raids completely destroyed towns; leaving dead bodies on the ground, broken glass everywhere. There were people looting stores and other’ homes. Frida even jokingly mentions going into a girl home that knowingly had mechanical dolls and taking them. Within a few years German would force massive destruction of cities through air raids (138-Bergen) Although Scheps’ testimony lacks a defined connection to historical context, Scheps is able to clarifies a different perspective of the war, children. Hitler and the Nazi Regime believed in purification of the Aryan race, children became targets and victims at the hand of the Regime. Children are extremely impressionable group, Frida story can contest to that statement. For example, Frida was enthusiastic for passage of rights through Baptism and the true meaning of being a Christian. Frida

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