Hidden Features Of Firefox Browser

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Firefox Browser: Today I will Discuss some of the tips on the Hidden Features. So let's learn some interesting tips. Become the boss browsing. Mozilla Firefox But the popular Mozilla Firefox is a Web Browser. Firefox's common name only. This is a completely free and open-source Browser Developed by Mozilla Corporation. It is available for almost all major devices and Operating Systems. Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, IOS and OS Firefox for everyone in This great Browser. Some of the great features such as tab browsing, spell-checking, incremental the find, live bookmarking, smart bookmark, download manager, private browsing, geo-location, in the browser etc. 1.Discover the Hidden interface of Firefox This interface will help you to Unlock…show more content…
This feature is on by Default. However, if you do not want to take off the Feature. Will go to the Options>Advanced>Data Choice [Tab]. Report you can learn a lot from this feature. Reports to learn press the Alt key on the Keyboard. You will see a menu bar on top is open. Now enter the menu Help> Firefox Health Report. Here you can find out how long you use your Browser, the Browser Crashed many times, how much time it took to open the Browser, and many Reports. 4.How to Set a Master Password This means that the Security is another step Ahead in the use of a Master Password. Firefox password manager to Save all your passwords in Order to Access the Master Password is Used. This is a good feature if you share your Computer with someone else Then. Even if he can not access your Password Manager. How to Turn a master password. To turn it on go to the options menu on the right side of the three-footed. Then Options>Security Tab>Check the box next to the "Use a Master Password". Mark your choice with a pop up window will open where you will need to enter the master password twice. This allows you to set the diameter of the Master Password. If you forget your master password if you turn the wrong way, if you fancy one you can reset it. If you forget your master password, enter this link from the address bar in your Browser "chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul". To
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