Hidden Ghost By William Shakespeare

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Hidden Ghost
In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, King Hamlet is killed by Claudius, Prince Hamlet’s uncle. The late king returns as what is suspected to be a ghost or spirit and gives Prince Hamlet orders to seek revenge on Claudius and murder him. This causes Hamlet to intensely consider whether honor or logic is more important. Although Shakespeare only directly refers to one ghost, there are many more ghosts behind the scenes. In the tragedy by Shakespeare, Hamlet as well as all the characters have their own underlying ghosts and subconsciouses of anxiety, insanity, and dependency that result in death.
Hamlet, the most intelligent character created by Shakespeare, is consumed by a ghost of insanity. When his late father returns by spirit and orders Hamlet to kill Claudius, Hamlet becomes insane. In the book Shakespeare A to Z by Charles Boyce, he states, “The Ghost pushes Hamlet to face the trauma of his father’s murder” (214). The relationship between Prince Hamlet and King Hamlet was a very strong relationship for that time period and in royalty. Therefore, when the spirit who appeared to be Prince Hamlet’s father told him to murder Claudius. He wanted follow his orders because he wanted to honor his father and obey his commands. Prince Hamlet also tried to think logically in his way. He realized that by killing Claudius that would be considered murder, and Hamlet’s religious views shun murder as cruel and morally wrong. He knew that if another king was to die then the

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