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Hidden Holidays Assignment 2 Table of Contents 1. Introduction Hidden Holidays is a small travel company providing holidays villas in Florence and throughout Tuscany, Italy. The company is based in London but has a pan-European network of ten agents who match private holiday holiday accommodation with tourists throughout Europe. These agents are often former, holiday makers to the region. They work from home and contact the office in London via telephone and fax machine messages. Hidden Holidays does not make travel arrangements it only supplies accommodation and holiday information. Recently at a trade conference Elaine, the owner of Hidden Holidays met Michael, who owns…show more content…
More people are renting villas because there is so much more freedom compared to a standard package holiday. Expansion could also come in the form of trips. Things to do and see around the area could be provided by Hidden Holidays for a small charge. Threats There are many obstacles Hidden Holidays is facing. With the changes in technology the company is missing out and falling behind competitors. More and more people use the Internet which is why introducing new e-commerce systems is important. The change in technology is threatening Hidden Holidays position as the company is not using any new technology to promote the business. Operational costs are high due to this. This weakness could seriously affect the business; competitors can take advantage of this and generate all the business their way. ii. PEST Analysis Political There is always the threat of the government introducing new laws in Italy which can affect companies like Hidden Holidays. Even though the head office is in London, the dealings are in Italy where laws are different. Florence has one the lower crime rates throughout Italy, however there are still problems within the country such as organized crime, drug addiction and robbery. “There are pickpockets to watch out for of course, some of them children, which is mostly a problem around the train station and very touristy locations. A couple of places that become rather seedy
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