Hidden Intellectualism : Beyond The Books

1551 Words Sep 16th, 2016 7 Pages
Sophia M. Huss
Professor John S. Benson
English 102-05
16 September 2016
“Hidden Intellectualism”: Beyond the Books
We have all been in the position where we have had the option between writing a dissertation on some academic subject, the Industrial Revolution for example, or the generally more favored option of watching football or reading about who Taylor Swift is dating now. Many would argue that while they would rather spend their time scrolling through social media and keeping up with the latest news in popular culture, academic work is far more important intellectually. Dr. Gerald Graff, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, would argue this is not the case at all and that it is in fact, the complete opposite. In his piece, “Hidden Intellectualism”, he rejects the common misconception that book smarts enhance intellectual processes moreso than street smarts through both critical analysis of the topic and the use of various writing techniques. Graff opens “Hidden Intellectualism” by presenting one of the piece’s three major points of focus. He states, “What doesn’t occur to us, though, is that schools and colleges might be at fault for missing the opportunity to tap into such street smarts and channel them into good academic work” (Graff 264). By introducing his argument as something that is commonly dismissed by a large group of people, he utilizes the writing template in They Say I Say for introducing what “they say” as a tool to keep the big…
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