Hidden Intellectualism : Hidden Intellectualism

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Hidden Intellectualism
Avery Mears

When it comes to the topic of hidden intellectualism, most of us will readily agree that a lot of students are seen to have an issue with it. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of is it the students fault. Whereas some are convinced it is, others maintain it is at the fault of the teachers or professors. Gerald Graff has his argument that in many cases book smarts can be hidden in street smarts. I believe that kids that struggle with their talents being hidden behind “street smarts” need a certain amount of attention and focus to help them acquire their abilities and strengths.

Hidden Intellectualism
Many Americans believe that one can only be
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In today’s society students aren’t pushed in high school to pursue their full potential, which makes students think they don’t need to put hard work into school making them lazy. The outcome of this is bad grades and upset parents making them believe they aren’t smart and that is why they are getting the grades they are receiving. In actuality these students aren’t being pushed and the teachers aren’t tapping into their talents to show them the full academic potential they have.
After reading Gerald’s story, I think students will believe in themselves more than ever before. Gerald showed us that book smarts doesn’t just mean doing well in school but that things you do in everyday life is showing your own intellectualism. He also states how once students and children realize that if they can argue and talk about things that are important to them or that they are passionate about then they can hopefully use that to tap into things they are leaning about in school.
I see Gerald Graff’s story to be support for students and kids who don’t believe in themselves. For a student that seems like nothing in school is going right for them and their grades are down that they can read this story and realize they are smart, it just needs to be also channeled into academics. I have always seen myself as a more of a street-smart person just because of
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