Hidden Like Anne Frank By Marcel Prins And Peter Henk Steenhuis

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Hidden Like Anne Frank Book Report
Hidden like Anne Frank is a historical nonfiction book written by Marcel Prins and Peter Henk Steenhuis. The book focuses on the story of 14 children of Jewish descent who went into hiding during WWII (1939-1945) and survived. The book includes an interactive website that features audio recordings and animations of the children who went into hiding, telling their story. The stories were written as they were told by these children. Of course, they are much older now, and some of them are even in their nineties! The 14 children each have their own unique story. Some ended up getting sent to Auschwitz or Westerbork, and some remained safe while in hiding. Many of the children’s parents, relatives, or friends died during this time. The book tells the stories of: Rita Degen, Jaap Sitters, Bloeme Emden, Jack Eljon, Rose-Mary Kahn, Lies Elion, Maurice Meijer, Sieny Kattenburg, Leni de Vries, Benjamin Kosses, Michel Goldsteen, Lowina de Levie, Johan Sanders, and Donald de Marcas.
WWII began when Germany executed an unprovoked attack on Poland on September 1st, 1939. Germany was controlled by Adolf Hitler, who wanted to take revenge for their defeat in WWI. Hitler and his political party, the Nazis, believed that the Jews were the cause of all evil. They decided that the only solution to solve Germany’s problems was to extirpate the Jews. Hitler and the Nazis began to take more and more rights away from Jews. Eventually, Jews began to be sent to

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