Hidden Paths - Original Writing

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Hidden Paths Behind the overgrown shrubs, lived a mystery the world would have never known. Until now.Isabel ran to find her but could barely see, the darkness was swallowing her up whole. The world behind her disappeared and all she saw were the bright yellow eyes of the creatures in her path. Jorja, she screamed with all her heart. Isabel heard a faint cry in the distance. She instantly assumed is was a cry from her, Jorja. Just as the cry went away, another one came even louder than the first. Isabel knew, she just knew it was her. Without even thinking she ran as fast as she could through the dark and mysterious path. Tuesday afternoon was one quieter than ever. Jake Myers was sitting and laughing with his best friends,…show more content…
Jake then ask Jackson to help change Isabel and Jorja 's mind. Nothing, they still wont listen to him. The next day, Jorja comes rushing over to Isabel 's house to start their search for the missing letter. Without even knocking on the door she rushes in only to see that Isabel was already up and ready to search for the "gold." Neither of them said hi to each other before Jake and Jackson came running in to stop them. Again, they kept trying to tell them that they could be hurt or even killed. The girls think they are just trying to scare them out of going. Isabel thinks that Jackson and Jake are trying to trick them into not going so they can find it themselves. What she doesn’t know is, she is wrong. Isabel and Jorja continue to ignore Jackson and Jake 's advice and rush out the door. They come up with almost four plans to find this missing letter. One was they were going to get a map of the town and try and find suspicious places. Plan 2 was to go to the nearest path and follow it to where it leads. Next plan was to go to the local police station and look at all the latest thieves or robbers. They decided to go with the first plan. Isabel and Jorja went to find a map of their town in the nearest grocery store. Once the got it, they didn’t think twice and went straight to the abandoned neighborhood and started their search. As the girls neared towards the neighborhood Isabel was kind of second guessing their decision. Jorja had to drag
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