Hidden Weapons Should Be Legal

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I. “..To whom much is given, much will be required...” – Luke 12:48 a. If you’re allowed a gun by law, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it. II. In July 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a problem arose (Barkoukis, 2012). a. A man in Smith’s Grocery Store purchased a knife, and began to stab people walking in and out of the store. b. The suspect managed to fatally injure a couple of victims. c. However, another man in the grocery store saw this occurring and happened to have a concealed carry permit and a concealed weapon on his hip. d. This man saved the store by just holding his gun to the suspect threatening if he moves, he will get shot. e. They remained there until the police showed up to detain the suspect. III. The…show more content…
c. On the Second Amendment website, a study done in 1997 stated that 56% of the time, criminals retreated when they saw their victims draw a gun (“The Second Amendment,” n.d.). d. Because it provides a higher likelihood of survival, it is crucial to have to the ability to carry concealed weapons for self-defense purposes. Transition: In addition to self-defense, the ability to carry a concealed weapon would decrease crime rates in the United States. I. States that implement concealed carry laws for trustworthy citizens have seen significant decreases in crime rates. a. It is obvious that giving citizens the right to carry a concealed weapon aids the decrease in murder, rape, robbery and violent crimes. b. Research shows that states with a law against concealed carry weapons have an 11% higher crime rate than the national average (“Gun Facts,” 2013). i. If we allow concealed carry, then the crime rates will go down. ii. If the crime rates go down, then Americans will live more comfortably. iii. Therefore, if we allow concealed carry, Americans will feel comfortable in public. II. Comparing the state of Florida with the US, it was evidently the best decision they’ve made (“Gun Facts,” 2013). a. Before the state of Florida allowed concealed carry, their crime rates were 36% above the national average. b. After they legalized the ability to carry a concealed weapon with a permit, the crime rate dropped 4% below the national average. c. These statistics show
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