Hide And Seek: Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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•Hyde = Hide

•The game of “Hide and Seek” is happened to be played between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

•"If he be Mr. Hyde," he had thought, "I shall be Mr. Seek." (Stevenson, 5).

•This quotation is said by Mr. Utterson while he was in search for Mr. Hyde

•The usage of the ironic choice of words help to give readers a mysterious outlook on the situation.

•In relation to Game Theory, the game of Hide and Seek happens to be an example of Zero- Sum Game.

•For those who don't know this term, Zero - Sum Game “ Is a special case of Constant Sum Game in which all outcomes involve a sum of all player's payoffs of 0. Hence, a gain for one participant is always at the expense of another, such as in most sporting events. Given the conflicting
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