Hideki Tojo : An Inspiring Man

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Hideki Tojo was an inspiring man to many. He also took a major part world war II and in Japan’s army. That will put his name in history books and be remembered by the people. Hideki Tojo was born in Tokyo, Japan on December 30th 1884 to a family of Samurai decedents. He was the youngest son in his family out of his two siblings, because his two siblings died before he was born. This made his dad more eager to help Tojo succeed in life. While his brothers could not prosper in life because they will die at such a young age. In result of his dead brothers, Tojo will go to an imperial army academy as a young boy to learn to grow up and shadow his father successful life. He would graduate at about the age of fifteen. Then enter another military school much more hardworking and stricter. Which means that he has to step up his game if he wants to go the path his father went. He graduated from imperial arm academy with a unsuccessful place of forty-second place out of fifty graduates. He spent hard year of training and working on his game which will outcome as in him graduating from Army Staff Collage with one of the highest rankings in his class. This means he is ready to battle and is up to the challenge, but first he thinks about making a big decision, and decides that he will go back to his previous schools to help the kids that are growing up and willing to fight and protect their country. He will later see those students that he trained in his army and fighting in the war.
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