Hiding from Reality Essay

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Hiding from reality

The American Dream for many it means the ideals of freedom, equality and opportunity traditionally held by every American. A life of personal happiness in short terms. However this “American Dream “is different for everyone, and it is now being threaten by many factors such as the economy, which is a big part of it, employment and our education as well are being demolished.
In “Hiding from reality” by Bob Herbert, he explains his view on how the American dream is slowly become less and less reachable and what we need to focus on in order for the restoration of the American Dream. Herbert states, “whenever you choose to look-at the economy and jobs, public schools, the budget deficits, the non-stop warfare
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In my opinion this deficit reduction program will help our economy in some ways because were spending more than what we’re receiving. With this deficit reduction program the government will be able to spend less than what we’re receiving. Herbert states that proof of the recession is all around us, his statement is true. One example he provides is the war we’ve been fighting all these years in Iraq, that we don’t have the money for all the military expenses, yet we still persist on fighting. Herbert makes a good point on America not having the will to raise taxes to pay for the war overseas or to simply end the war. From my point of view Herbert is right why not just end the war? Or raise taxes in order to help pay for the expenses? Instead they still insist on fighting and rather have our country in a economic decline.
Not only is our economy being affected but even our special services centers are reducing or changing their services to the American people. Herbert states that state and local governments are reducing services that many people rely on such as work forces, health and pension benefits, and raising taxes and fees. In my opinion this is bad because many people rely on important health services mainly children, disabled people and the elderly. Not only is our money in danger but Americans have to also worry about their health now and their children’s education also. With cutbacks in
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