Hierarchy And Structure Of The Shang Dynasty

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The Chinese civilization was established along the Huang He river, and from there they expanded on the east coast of present day China in each dynasty. The first dynasty was the Xia dynasty which made the Chinese civilization in two-thousand seventy b.c. the dynasty was led by Yu the great, but he gave his power to his son Qi, which created the dynastic rule, the ruling family passes power down through the family. The Shang dynasty followed the Xia dynasty by ruling from one-thousand sixty-six b.c. to one-thousand twenty-two b.c. in the corner of northern China. The capital city of the Shang dynasty was Anyang which was located above the Huang He river. The third dynasty was the Zhou dynasty which started in one-thousand twenty-two b.c. after the king of Shang was overthrown after losing his right to rule by becoming corrupt. The Zhou dynasty claimed the largest part of land than the other dynasties. The Social part of ancient China was the hierarchy. Hierarchy is the divisions of different people based on what they do or how much money they made, the social standing of your family could never change no matter what happened because the hierarchy meant that their is only a set of jobs that you could do if you were born to that family. The type of hierarchy that China followed was Feudalism in which the people got little money while the nobles and emperors got a lot of money. The hierarchy in order of the Chinese people was the royals on top, noble warriors just
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