Hietrolijum Research Paper

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The morning of the battle, Parker had to go search for the ingredients to make the Liquid Hietrolijum, for Athena. He had to search all around the different city States, to find everything for the potion. It took over four hours for Parker to collect all the ingredients, but in time he still completed his task. When Athena drank the liquid, she transformed into a Golden, armored Owl/ Eagle hybrid Warrior. After she drank the liquid she felt amazing, better than ever. The Athens clan knew that they would win. At dawn the two clans meat at a warrior bass playing field, with all of their own weapons and items to fight each other. When the Athens Clan arrived Athena was in an emerald chariot looking better than ever, ready to fight. Parker was enrolled commander of all the Athenian Warriors, his job was to lead them to victory, while their goddess’ safety as their main priority. When Hades clan arrived to the battlefield, he looked stronger than ever and very mighty, but the Athenian clan knew to do their best, have faith, and to never give up. The Athens clan had brought a lot of weapons, including spears, shields, catapults, arrows, cannons, and special armor to keep them safe. Hades clan had shields, anger, rage, swords, guns, hatred, and slingshots. Even though both of the clans were stacked evenly, the Athens clan had more power, because they had faith and they believed in themselves.…show more content…
The battle had begun, there was blood, sweat, dead people, anger, rage, bones, and killing lastly of all. there was no ending to this battle, both clans fought until they died, but one of the things that made the Athens clan push harder, was that they thought, “there is no greater deed then to die for your city
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